This isn’t branding done light.
It’s branding done smart.

Your brand is a promise. It’s the image and reputation that you project to the world. But too often, the public image of an institution is outdated, unclear, or just plain misses the mark. The typical rebranding process usually takes time. And money. And resources. It’s a big commitment, and a big risk. Underscore_Branding is out to change all that.

We’ve devised a three-phase process that cuts to the chase and delivers the tools and insight you need to communicate that message efficiently and effectively. This isn’t branding done light. It’s branding done smart.

Our Three Phase Process

  1. Get to know you. Get to know you.
  2. Analyze the data.<br> Put it into action. Analyze the data.
    Put it into action.
  3. Share your brand<br> with the world. Share your brand
    with the world.

Brand Services

  • On-site discovery
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Brand positioning workshops
  • Logo redesigns
  • Creative concept testing
  • Brand Guide development
  • “Underscoring the Brand” workshops
  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand Communication Planning