Publications in the Digital Age.

You may be wondering if printed marketing materials are still relevant. Our answer is…

Yes they are! Publications like viewbooks and brochures remain critical pieces of your recruitment efforts. They are a tangible connection to your school and to your brand.

An Underscore_Publications suite can elevate your school’s brand as part of your integrated marketing campaign.

All of our packages include the full suite of pieces that every admissions office needs. You choose the complexity of the design based on your needs and budget. Our approach – and our pricing – is unique and flexible, allowing publications to fit seamlessly into your larger marketing strategy.

With an Underscore_Publications suite, you’ll maximize your budget, and maximize the effectiveness of your printed materials.

All Suites Include

  • Concept presentation and brand guide
  • One viewbook
  • One road piece
  • Three brochures
  • Four postcards
  • Two templates
  • Print coordination on request
  • Custom packages available